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spacehey drama is stupid

Category: SpaceHey

I haven't touched spacehey in like more than a month, but I just came back onto here to see how things are going just to see a decent number of posts relating to drama or calling out someone. Bruh, this ain't twitter. Most of the people you mfs are calling out are either trolls or immature teens who'll grow out of it. Internet drama really isn't that serious smh and it's dumb most of the time. You... » Continue Reading

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Unity Is So Dumb

Category: Games

Recently they've decided to make a really stupid decision which is to make indie game companies, or any game companies at all using Unity, have to pay a fee per install of their game which I shouldn't have to explain why that's a stupid decision. Although, I will also note that the games, using Unity's engine, have to get 200,000 installs before they start getting charged that fee, it still could ... » Continue Reading

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People Are Watering Down The Meaning Of "Hate Speech"

Category: News and Politics

I feel like a lot of people are watering down the meaning of hate speech. Often when I see people questioning certain things or why they disagree with something, like for example transgender, instead of getting any actual answers to clear up the confusion, they're labeled as a transphobe with some claiming that their post is hate speech. A person discussing why they disagree with the idea of trans... » Continue Reading

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Self Diagnosis Aren't "Valid"

Category: News and Politics

Even if you think you've done "enough research", you should be seeking for a professional's opinion. Also it's likely that you have some sort of bias about it. Self diagnosis is harmful to those who actually experience the disorders. A lot of the folks who self diagnose seem to hold the wrong idea about what said-disorder is and they end up contributing to the stigma around it. So please don't sel... » Continue Reading

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Alliance's "Bigot List" Post Is Doing More Harm Than Good

Category: News and Politics

Previous blog for further context- Shurikin has made a blog providing context and screenshots which is worth looking at - I should get it out of the way that this in in reference to Alliance's blog - Now I'll make it clear that obviously some of the people on that list are ... » Continue Reading

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You can't solve hate with hate

Category: News and Politics

This is obviously in reference to a specific blog: Now it doesn't look too bad at first glance however there's more to it. This isn't a "good guy, bad guy" thing. People are getting harassed, receiving death threats, and being told to off themselves because of that blog. Another thing that should be pointed out is that some of the people on that list aren'... » Continue Reading

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It baffles me that people are still denying climate change

Category: News and Politics

More specifically these folks are trying to claim that it's completely natural and humans have no effect on the climate therefore we shouldn't worry about it, however that's a really dumb thing and you only need to know a couple or more things to realize that we do have an effect on our climate. Bill Nye did an experiment where he had two clear containers if I remember correctly, he put more carbo... » Continue Reading

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what if

Category: Quiz/Survey

hypothetically what if hypothetically i hypothetically created a hypothetical which would hypothetically involve two more hypotheticals in hypothetically one hypothetical » Continue Reading

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House (1986) was a great movie

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

I wish more people watched it because it's honestly not that bad. The story is actually pretty decent and the soundtrack is amazing. It baffles me that it's not put up there with the other classics. It isn't really scary and the dialogue is kinda cheesy but it still has its charm. » Continue Reading

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