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How to plan an create a training schedule to compete in competitions

Category: Sports

Tredict enables you to plan and forecast your training schedule and adjust single workouts at every time. By adjusting the effort of a planned workout, you can determine which impact the change has on the performance chart. The performance chart by the way is calculated by the Banister model. The Banister model brings fitness and fatique into relation. As a result you get your performance level. D... » Continue Reading

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Automatic determination of Lactate Threshold, FTP and FTPa

Category: Sports

If you exercise hard and doing workouts like tempo runs or even a FTP test on the bike, Tredict will detect this from your workout list. Which some not so special algorithms, it is possible to autodetect your lactate threshold value for running and cycling. Also it is possible to autodetect the functional threshold power and pace from harder activities. The algorithms are described in this article... » Continue Reading

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Write your own workout metrics in Java-Script

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Ever dreamed of writing your own metrics for your running, swimming or cycling training? With Tredict you can create your own metrics on your activities as an addition your training analysis platform provides you. All you need to know is a little bit of Java-Script to develop so-called "custom fields" for your training. Hava a look at: Write your own workout metrics » Continue Reading

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Fix faulty recorded workout data

Category: Sports

If you are a runner or cyclists you probably know it, your sports watch didn't recorded your heart rate data correctly and it is either way to high or to low. With Tredict you can edit and correct this mess and get clean and shiny workout data in your statistics. If you like, you can read a more detailed article about this functionality here: Please ask me... » Continue Reading

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