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new music

Category: Music

made some new music, hope you enjoy! raaaaaaah! w1NNr2spr1N6t1m3! by daer » Continue Reading

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thoughts on spacehey

Category: SpaceHey

honestly gotta ask... how many users does this place have about now? like i remember using myspace93 when that was still around, and then it basically ended around 100,000, but i don't really know how many users there are like rn. is it linear? like do user numbers count up or like?? » Continue Reading

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spacehey bug

Category: Blogging

i just spent a solid like 30 minutes typing up a long ass blog, and when i hit the publish button, it like erased it :(. i'm so done mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn » Continue Reading

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late night leftovers

Category: Blogging

been doing nothing, but exploring around here, silently, because i'm a akawrd shell of a human blehhh. i got told to stop saying "i will" when people tell me to "kys". idk what i'm supposed to respond with???? like I AGREE??? IM NOT JOKING>??? AM I MISSING SOMETHING?@?!?? anyways. yeah anyays i have to wake up really early so i shouldn't even be writing this, but i'm going to anyways. god i can't ... » Continue Reading

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profile refresh

Category: SpaceHey

i updated my profile! it's very minor, but i hope you like some of the changes i made ( he said to no one ) oh well. okay, well have fun :3 [blinkies from  xXHyper-CryptidXx ,, THEY ARE SUPER COOL!! RAAAAAH ] » Continue Reading

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start here

Category: Life

hello! i'm going to try and post something on the blogs whenever i have the time. don't expect it to be often. hopefully they add it to the app so i can do this properly. i don't actually have much i want to talk about today, just go listen to this: Cotard's Solution [Kill Me?] / Dr. Sunshine Lives! [i have way too much music i want to post on here so i'm going to limit myself » Continue Reading

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the club

Category: SpaceHey

decided to delete the vansire group cause i think there's like no one on here that wanted to join so oh well ig :( » Continue Reading

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