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"why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot"


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just a silly thought about profile pictures

Category: Friends

i think there's something funny about having a character as a profile picture, cause like on top of normal talking you can be a) completely out of character or b) extremely in character. my favorite example is recently ive had a professor layton pfp on discord and i say swag or owo. its like the funniest case of "he would not fucking say that" » Continue Reading

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I EXPECT YOU TO DIE 3 OH MY GOD (spoiler warning for i expect you to die 2's ending)

Category: Games

I AM. FROTHING AT THE MOUTH HOLY SHIT ITS REAL!!!!! I CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO EXPLAIN HOW HYPED I AM OH MY GOD,,, okay normal time again but like i can't wait to see how they transition from the end of i expect you to die 2 to 3 (spoiler alert!!) since agent phoenix hadn't been found yet according to the handler's final report. also, the name????? "cog in the machine" has a lot of implications, i wond... » Continue Reading

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ah yes the ordeal of laundry

Category: Life

laundry days my detested it probably wouldnt be so annoying if i didn't put off doing laundry until i have double the size of my hamper in dirty clothes because i end up having to do two loads and its just not fun :/   » Continue Reading

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happy new year!! *insert kazoo here*

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

so, 2023 time!! im planning on trying to get better with my health, i want to exercise more and get better with taking care of my teeth. i also want to get my first job, probably during the summer since i have so much going on with school. but yeah! cheers to this year being good!! » Continue Reading

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i love cinnabar (path to nowhere)

Category: Games

so i just finished cinnabar's interrogation and i'm???? on one hand i'm crying in the club because the way she's still loyal to serpent eye who are basically her family but also choosing to stay with the chief and mbcc is just so,,, i love her ;w;. but also there was definitely some fruit bowl behavior (like when she took the chief's drink so they didn't overdrink themself and so man » Continue Reading

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