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Category: School, College, University

I hate finals. I just finished a finals project and I've got 2 more to finish and if I fail my math finals then I fail math so that's great. also I dont understand why people think being a vocalist is easy. my voice is so fucking tired, im so fucking tired. every god damn day I am practicing and all the stuff I have to do just so I get into collage. I have to do as many choirs as possible (5 at th... » Continue Reading

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School wifi down

Category: School, College, University

So today we were supposed to do computer testing but the wifi was down till 9 ish so it was postponed what’s great however the people who are not toning to test today were told they don’t have to come in till like 9:30 or something like that but since the wifi came back on we started class earlier than we planned but not all the students were at school yet so they are making them absent in class a... » Continue Reading

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nh abortion ban rant

Category: News and Politics

New Hampshire pisses me off. One second they are complaining about how todays youth is moving out of NH after they are done with school, then the next they are trying to pass a band on abortion and the bill could puni » Continue Reading

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I hate this class

Category: School, College, University

So I was like 10 minutes late to my first class today and I made up all the work I missed that was in the google classroom but turns out I missed a weekly self management thing so he failed me and my grade dropped from an A to an A-  and it pisses me off » Continue Reading

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