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nh abortion ban rant

New Hampshire pisses me off. One second they are complaining about how todays youth is moving out of NH after they are done with school, then the next they are trying to pass a band on abortion and the bill could punish the doctor up to 7 years in prison. It's disgusting. And sadly I live in a redneck town where they don't give a flying fuck about woman's right or just minorities in general. So I have to deal with their shit. Luckily I go to a pretty liberal school and Im in the arts department so its pretty gay but this whole thing reminds me of my last school and I hate it. Its like cis straight white men can discuss politics and who deserves basic human rights but the second someone else tried to talk we are told that we make the problem seem too real or some other bullshit. Im fine with you saying getting an abortion goes against your religion, but then just don't get one. Don't try to force it on someone else. In America we supposedly have this thing called separation of church and state so can we try to have that. Religion, no matter what it is, doesn't belong in making laws. If it goes against your religion then just don't do it. It's disgusting that the people trying to pass this bill don't care about the mother and only about the fetus. That is when it's still in the mother. Once the mother gives birth they dont give a fuck. It's clear that they just want control and power. If NH really wants the younger people to stop leaving the state, how about they start by trying to make it safer for us. But no, they aren't willing to do that.

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