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10-28-23 Fallout

Category: Games

Last night I completed several quests as well as reached level 18.. or am I level 19 now? I started Bobbi's quest and I did part of the Silver Shroud quest. I also saved Nick Valentine and followed Dog to the next location for the mainline quest. However, I don't plan on doing any more of that right now so that I can focus on other sidequests. I also came across a Mirelurk Queen that I definitely ... » Continue Reading

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Fallout 4

Category: Games

I started playing Fallout 4 recently and I love it so much! I'm trying to avoid spoilers as much as I can about it. However, I have looked at some guides for things I'm stuck on, or looked specific info up that piqued my interest (for example, i spent five minutes walking around in the old Vault 81 because I couldn't figure out how to unlock the terminal to get to Curie). So far I've had Codsworth... » Continue Reading

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Sonic Krazy Kult

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Today I watched WayneradioTV's vod for the last day of his sonic subathon and he revealed his friends' forum, Sonic Krazy Kult, which he was the admin and creator of. Basically what happened was that all of his friends pretended to be people talking about Sonic in a forum in like 2008?  That reminded me to come onto this website!! So.. basically now I'm imagining having my own sort of forum where ... » Continue Reading

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Sci Fi Aliens

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

One thing that's bothering me today is the trope of aliens calling humans or other organisms "carbon based lifeforms" that is found in media. This is annoying me because I was under the assumption that all known life contains carbon. So my question is.. what do they know that we don't? What are they made out of? And why are they acting like they're superior, or surprised, or that categorizing some... » Continue Reading

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New to Spacehey

Category: Life

After an indefinite amount of time I've finally been convinced by my friends to create a spacehey account. I just wanted to post a blog entry so it looks less empty :-P » Continue Reading

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