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Category: Blogging

LATE POST yesterday was amazing we blew rockets up into the air in science class and it was really fun one girls rocket was messed up and it went crazy but everyone was fine, and then in math i got called down because someone has spread rumors about me but i cleared the air and im hoping it dosnt continue id rate yesterday a 7/10 » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

today was Monday so i went back to school, in English we had a substitute and we had to work on end of the year speeches, i think i was the only one that actually did the work in class that day though it felt good to get it done early though, also last night and today i was looking for tomogatchi widgets or some form of pet like widget with an html code because i thought it would be something fun ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

today was fine i didn't really do much, i finished my profile coding finishing touches, i had a Popsicle before lunch/breakfast and then i finished the day with ice cream, i did absolutely nothing today and it was great! id rate today a 7/10  some days you just need to do nothing » Continue Reading

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things i used for my profile

Category: SpaceHey

 front page layout! pixels,dividers,etc crd graphics!!!  NOTE after setting in the main page laout there are a few things to know, when you want to color a link you put it exactly below the code for your main page but above everthing else when coding a new link color you put a:active {   color: rgb(252, 162, 224);   background-color: transparent;   text-decoration: underline; and then you put } ab... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

today was alright today was saturday so i didnt have school but i did have to help in the yard a bit and that was sort of annoying, and then i had chicken for dinner which was good and now im working on coding which is stressing me out so today i rate it a 5/10 day  :3 » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

today was a fairly decent day, i hung out with one of my friends (that probably likes me idk if i like him its super confusing-) and people presented the things they learned in their arts class, there were a lot of solo dances that i laughed at but the step team did good!  🩷 in math we learned about taxes which was a bit confusing but i sort of understand it i guess overall rating the day a good 6... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

happy pride month to the LGBTQIA+ community  happy pride month to those who dont know their sexual orientation or their gender identity happy pride month to those who are closeted and cant celebrate the way they want to happy pride month to those who are open about their sexual orientation or gender identity  happy pride month to poly couples happy pride to people on the asexual or aromantic spect... » Continue Reading

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