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things i used for my profile

 front page

<a href="" target="_blank">layout!</a>


<a href="" target="_blank">crd graphics!!!</a>


after setting in the main page laout there are a few things to know, when you want to color a link you put it exactly below the code for your main page but above everthing else


when coding a new link color you put

a:active {

  color: rgb(252, 162, 224);

  background-color: transparent;

  text-decoration: underline;

and then you put } above and below to seperate the code from other codes so it will work

also to change the codes to all one color no mater what you copy the a:active link you switch out the "active" for either "hover" "active"  "visited" or "link" each word changes the color for different purposes for example 

if you did 


color: rgb(letters)/ or regular color


text-decoration: underline

the link itself would turn the color you want until you hover your cursor over the link it will also change, but you can take the code and switch the word link out for hover and when hovers over it will be that color 

because this website uses html tags i recommend using

<a href="" target="_blank">css color picker</a>

to find a color you like


<a href="" target="_blank">color picker online</a>

where you insert an image of the color you want to use and copy the rgb code 

and insert it where it asks for color

for example

color: rgb(code,code,code)

which will change the color

whenever you put in a code make sure you add ; at the end of it 

if you want to resize an image i recommend using 

<a href="" target="_blank">upload your images</a>

where you can either drag the image to the website or copy the url (right clicking or using two fingers to click and then selecting copy image adress)

and then you press on the image and you can change the size of the image and then insert it into your bio using 

<img src="url"/> and you paste the image adress between the quotation marks 

if you want the scrolling bio all you have to do is use the code from 

<a href="" target="_blank">this link</a>

when you want to add other layout codes added with your main page make sure to put the layout code below the main page and link color code , when inserting layout there are certain codes that will break the main page code 

i believe one of them is shaking profile i cant remember but just be carfeful before adding a layout with your main page

also check my following list, i follow creators that give better tips and ideas then i do to make your layout pretty dont be shy to follow them! 


as i can see the link arnt working so just copy whats between the quotation marks and paste it into google search and it should take you to the place you wanted to go to

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