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Category: Friends

realized I never posted my DNI/BYF stuff before, so here you go DNI Anyone younger than 13 Basic DNI criteria (racist, homophobe, ableist, etc) pro shippers (fuck you btw) misuses/refuses to use tone tags (I don't need tone tags all the time, I just think it's a dick move to refuse to use them if someone asks you to) BYF I'm 18  I'm queer and disabled, so if you don't like t » Continue Reading

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More survey junk cause I love that stuff >:3

Category: Quiz/Survey

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF name: ARA!!!! nickname: erm idfk how old are you: 18 :D zodiac sign: scorpio current location: school » Continue Reading

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Friend Applications!

Category: Friends

This is for fun, so don't take it too seriously! I just want to learn more about the people who want to be my friends and I won't hate on you for your interests or anything. Take the quiz  here ! » Continue Reading

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Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Here is  MY KINLIST!!! It's a goofy little slide show and most aren't all that serious. It's made in sections, the only fully serious section is "The Big Kins" and even most of those aren't like "spiritual kins" or anything. I just think this a fun way for people to know more about me!! Warning- Some of the reasons listed for my kins are semi vent/tr » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

name: ARA!!! nickname: Rara/Rawra, Aria zodiac: scorpio current location: my girlfriends house >:D eye color: grey blue hair color: dark purple and orange! hair type: shoulder length shag (but I kinda need a hair cut) what's your middle name?: renee your fear: heights, spiders, being a bad person first thing you thou » Continue Reading

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a rant about mob psycho 100

Category: Blogging

I WAS IN THE MOOD TO RANT ABOUT MOB PSYCHO, BUT DIDNT WANNA BOTHER MY IRL FRIENDS!! here is a rant- feel free to ignore it if you want. I love this show so so so so so so so so sooooo much. I’m finally watching the third season, and eeeeeee it’s getting me back into the mob psycho grindset. I’ve already read the manga all the way through like a billion times, but idk watching it just has me AHAHHD... » Continue Reading

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