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More survey junk cause I love that stuff >:3


name: ARA!!!!

nickname: erm idfk

how old are you: 18 :D

zodiac sign: scorpio

current location: school

eye color: blue

hair color: blue

hair type: shoulder length idk

height: 5'9

what's your middle name: Renee (fun fact, it's after my moms friend in high school that died)

shoe's you wore today: my oxford doc martens 

your weakness: idfk, I'm disabled lmao

your fear: heights and lady bugs 

also worn out shoes (/inside joke)

have you ever ridden a mechanical bull: no 

do you want to: hmmmm sure

goal you would like to achieve this year: live !!!

first thought when you wake up: I'm going back to sleep for a bit

best physical feature: uhhhhhh uhhhhhh uhhhhhhh eyes

who is your bestest friend: I love all of my friends equally!!

when is your bedtime: don't have one, too cool for that 

pepsi or coke: coke ez

McDonalds or Burger King: shit man, idk, Burger King? 

single or group dates: I've only ever gone on single dates, but group ones sound so fun omg

what is the last song you sang: 9 to 5 

does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive: easily yes

what is your biggest pet peeve: when people stop walking in walkways, LITERALLY STOP IT YOU'RE BLOCKING MY PATH

do you drink: nah, I used to, not anymore though

ever been drunk: yeah, was a bad experience though

do you smoke: nah

do you "SMOKE": nah, i do eddies tho

do you sing: only when I'm alone/with my closest friends

do you believe in yourself: sometimes

do you believe in others: if they are nice to me!!

do you like thunderstorms: depends (sometimes they're scary)

do you play an instrument: keyboard, drumset, general percussionist, learning guitar, clarinet.

what do you want to be when you grow up: I want to be a story board artist

how many CD's do you own: a lot

how many DVD's do you own: a lot a lot

how many tattoo's do you have: two so far

how many piercings do yo have: not any really yet

how many things in the past do you regret: a lot of things, but hey, at least I'm happy now kind of!



radio station: idfk

drink: spriteeeee

car: VW beetle (preferably convertible in a ruby red)

place: anywhere with my friends

song: right now it's probably I'm Not Getting Excited by the Beths

movie: Everything Everywhere All at Once

color: purple!!!

meal: microwave nachos


favorite eye color: uhhhh idk hazel is really pretty 

favorite hair color: darker hair colors, or anything fun!!

short or long hair: either is fine!!

height: I like when someone is around my height, I don't want to break my neck looking up or down at my partner. Though, there is a special place in my heart for short guys and tall girls. 

body type: don't care

does ethnicity matter: why the hell would it


tattoos: holy smokes, marry me

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