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we go gym

Category: Sports

I’m actually really starting to love the gym. My friend has been taking me under his wing and showing me all he knows and I’ve made a lot of progress. I’m the strongest I’ve even been even if I’m not in the best technical shape. But I’m proud of what I’ve been able to do and I can’t wait to just get better and better.  » Continue Reading

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Another Day Another Dollar

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

one super good thing that’s been going on lately has been waking up earlier, and it’s easier waking up in general. i've been good at not catastrophizing everything, so go me! everyone wake up 30 minutes earlier and make some time for something you love with that extra time. there’s virtually no downside, just try it » Continue Reading

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tikka massala

Category: Food and Restaurants

i had tikka masala for the first time today. overall it tasted pretty good, but i don't like chunks of vegetables so i had to pick it all out and shit. BUT besides that, it was pretty good. had some naan bread with it. now i'm in bed and i have some brown sugar poptarts. mmmmm. » Continue Reading

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okay just trying this out

Category: Life

this weekend has been boring as shit. i really don't like to think that all my life revolves around is work and sometimes going out to drink, but the proof is there lol. napping all my free time away just seems like the logical answer. » Continue Reading

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