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My butt hurts...

Category: Art and Photography

From sitting for like 8 hours straight. I haven't moved. I do this every day. My back hurts. My eyes hurt from staring at a screen all day. I need to move around. I'm lazy. Not today, Jesus. Get up. Katie wants to move to Colorado. She wants me to come with. That would be cool. It doesn't get as cold there as I thought it did. Only slightly colder than here. I mean, I hate winter, but at least it'... » Continue Reading

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Sometimes, I Feel Okay. Maybe.

Category: Art and Photography

I've just started a new/additional medication. I'm on Lamictal, Trileptal, and now Wellbutrin. I've taken Wellbutrin before, but the side effects kinda sucked. This time around, though, I feel fine, except the goddamn tinnitis ha. My psych says that the side effects shouldn't be as bad since I'm on mood stabilizers now as well. Time will tell. Anyway, yeah. Sometimes I feel okay. That's why I'm bi... » Continue Reading

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"Normal" schedules suck, pt. 2.

Category: Art and Photography

Well, I woke up at 2am yesterday. Couldn't stay awake past 6, when I fell asleep without knowing that I fell asleep. Woke up a little after midnight.  Goddamnit, I wanted to stay up until at least 8, then actually go to bed and fall asleep, but no. I had to fall asleep on my couch while watching YouTube. This sucks. But hey, at least it's Friday. Whatever that means. Love, Saves » Continue Reading

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"Normal" schedules suck.

Category: Art and Photography

I'm just a nighttime lover in a daytime world. I like the dark. Everyone leaves you alone at night (but I guess if this was a nighttime world, the opposite would be true lol). You can work on art or writing or whatever without distractions. My sleep schedule's all fucked up. Ever since I was a teenager, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, even before the OG MySpace, my circadian rhythm has been ... » Continue Reading

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I hope this doesn't get (toxically) political.

Category: News and Politics

I hope this stays the way MySpace was back in the day. I don't remember there being much political bullshit, if any. I'm a very political person, but I get enough of that on Facebook and Twitter. So, let's keep that shit off here. We could all use some social media without that toxicity. Let's just talk about music, books, and movies and shit. Anime, comics, whatever your heart desires. Have some ... » Continue Reading

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This is so cool!

Category: SpaceHey

I'm so glad this happened. I miss MySpace so much haha. I'm even learning to code in CSS this time around, so I'm learning something new. I always used HTML on MySpace. Anyway, if anyone sees this and wants to add me, go ahead! Yeah, I don't really have anything else, so you all stay safe, wear a mask, and have a great day. Love, Saves » Continue Reading

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