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i forgot ^_^;

Category: Life

aaaaa hai! :3 im js posting this blog entry bcz errrr i forgot abt this blog 4 the past 5 months . Sorry!!!!! thats my bad, ive js been a little bit busy n stuff ^_^;  » Continue Reading

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Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

my new figure got here!!! its like 16 days early :3 » Continue Reading

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Category: School, College, University

i had a meeting with the counselor-not-rly-a-counselor @ school 2day and it took like 2 almost 3 periods of the day? so almost the whole entire morning, my 3rd class ends @ 10:20 and i got out of the meeting @ like 10:05.  n OBV i didnt wanna go back to class!!! so i jus.. skipped in the bathroom for liek 15 mins. IDK HOW PPL DO IT!!! it was sooo boring, i wus sitting on my phone but i wus scared ... » Continue Reading

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jus remembered!!

Category: Life

i wuz taking a shower today rite? usuallyie i take a bath but i thought 2 myself “hmmm maybe a showr wud b nice” so i went 4 a shower. :3 now the problem wuz i don’t use conditioner 4 my hair but i do use shampoo rite? yea, well there was NO BOTTLES OF SHAMPOO IN THE BATHROOM liek im talking two empty bottles of shampoo and liek 15 bottles of conditioner… SO OFC IM CONFUSED!!! XDD  n then i found ... » Continue Reading

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first post!!!!! :0

Category: Blogging

HAAIIII this is my first post. on my blog. mara blog. OK THATS ALL!!!! i dont have anything to say bc im gonna sleep and i FORGOT EVERYTHING!!!! XDDD » Continue Reading

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