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block + report links

Category: SpaceHey

as promised,, here r my block + report links!!!!!!!! i will update this whenever new gore/nsfw or whatever is posted in layouts or new ppl!!!!! i mean obviously i cant be there constantly but im on here a lot so ill update whenever i can!!! if the link doesnt work, chances are the profile/layout/whatever has already been taken down i will include reasons for reporting,, so tw for mentions of gore/... » Continue Reading

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mega code collection + resources + instructions!!

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

welcome to my code collection!! this is a work in progress!! feel free to dm me if youve got anything to add, i wanna make this a really good resource :3 ok so main headings will be black and bold , details/normal text will be normal black, example text will be grey , code will be blue and results from the code will be » Continue Reading

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how to spot a tcc account //tw: sh, shooting, gore, etc. mentions

Category: SpaceHey

UPDATE: NEW BLOG POSTED WITH BLOCK/REPORT LINKS!! block + report links - d✩nny's Blog | SpaceHey please dont get mad at this post everyone!!! i am just trying to keep people safe. not intended to be a callout, this is just so that people dont accidentally see gore during raids or anything!! stay safe pls everyone!! i made this a bulletin originally but sum1 suggested i post i » Continue Reading

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how to help palestine if you cant donate!! 🍉🇵🇸

Category: News and Politics

thank you for trying to help!! there might not be much one person can do,, but if a lot of people do seemingly insignificant things,, it adds up to make change!! first - whats the deal w/ palestine and israel? these are some articles i found to explain whats happening!! im sorry if any information is wrong,, please let me know!! » Continue Reading

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erm um face reveal

Category: Art and Photography

felt kinda attractive 2day so i was like lets go for it yes i am usin a tiktok filter i look ugly w/out sorry i look like a girl idk also srry fo not smilin i have an ugly smile i aint tryna look like a thirst trap itsg srry fo all the stars i cant stand lookin at my face its so i dont hav to see me if i get a notif ok scroll now ☆ ☆ ☆ » Continue Reading

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some of my art!! (horror/gore warning)

Category: Art and Photography

⋅───⊱༺ ♰ ༻⊰───⋅     » Continue Reading

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links to all my layouts, please use em!!

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

i take requests, so anything you want me to make, just dm me/comment :3 to see them all:  𝙙✩𝙣𝙣𝙮's Layouts | SpaceHey to see some in action (my test profile):  https://spacehey.com/profile?id=2151164 code collection (for editing any layouts): » Continue Reading

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