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10.16.23 the color blue

Category: Art and Photography

i've always had a complicated relationship with the color blue, i could never decide if i loved it or hated it, even when it was my favorite color before i turned 12 and red was crowned ruler. younger than that, i despised #0000ff with a PASSION (recycling bin blue, as i called it) i thought it was hideous, and in a hyperbolic declaration of distaste decided it was incapable of being used effectiv... » Continue Reading

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10.11.23 some tangent about an old tv

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

first blog post im gonna try to get a grasp formatting againt on this so it motivates me to talk more i think the last time i've done something like this was like. 2014 google+ posts when i was like 10 lol, i've been wanting to for a while but i think the idea of needing a proper format was always too intimidating to me, and i don't wanna worry about that. i tried actual paper journaling but i cou... » Continue Reading

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