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10.16.23 the color blue

i've always had a complicated relationship with the color blue, i could never decide if i loved it or hated it, even when it was my favorite color before i turned 12 and red was crowned ruler.

younger than that, i despised #0000ff with a PASSION (recycling bin blue, as i called it) i thought it was hideous, and in a hyperbolic declaration of distaste decided it was incapable of being used effectively in any context. my opinion on the color blue is still admitely complicated and difficult for even myself to wrap my head around, but i have come around on #0000ff, thanks mostly to windows 98 and old web design.

windows 98 is easily my favorite version of windows aesthetically. i adore the way its tabs use blue, and similarly i adore the way links used to be highlighted in that same blue (much more desaturated now, lost its appeal to me a little bit) obviously the tabs don't use the exact same shade of blue, but it scratches the same itch. using this color for web design is delightful to me. it's the reason i decided to use it on my own site even despite how admitedly difficult it is to parse on some backgrounds.

despite that, i don't think i would ever go out of my way to wear a t-shirt this color, i struggle enough even just wearing blue jeans. i think a better example of what i'm trying to describe would be my other favorite shade of blue, (hard to say which comes on top) which we will say is #00ffff for the sake of simpicity (it isn't that color but its close enough) admitely, i don't like this color much at all on it's own. i don't find it extremely appealing outside of it's special settings, nor do i feel nearly as confident using it as a highlight or contast in a piece of art as i do with #0000ff. HOWEVER.

i ADORE this color, and there are only two places i've ever seen it show up consistently, ocean photography and my favorite candy, gummy sharks. clearly though, all of these are different colors. they're different shades, hues, different levels of saturation, not even the same environments really. but they hit that same itch. i need you to understand me here.

this color on it's own, again, nothing special. i have a can on my desk that's almost the exact same shade as the one in the middle, and i don't like it being there all that much. this is JUST blue.

giving it context though,

this shade of cyan/teal has something to bounce off of, and implement into itself. that translucent cyan is what we're going for. it's what we should all strive for. and i adore it.

this shade of blue i think is something i heavily associate with my childhood having grown up on the coast, the shallow water at the big beaches was always so pretty, even going into the tacky souvenir shops, they had those weird dubiously sourced shark pups in jars that had liquid the same cyan i'm talking about, and those stupid little dolphin paperweights. come to think of it i'm a little bummed i wasn't able to snag any of those before i moved.

another example of this i have is the color of snow during dusk. that 100% is probably my favorite time out of the entire year, the gray color of the sky and how bright the night is from the snow reflecting all the light, it's gorgeous and i'm mad i can't find any good picture representations of it. it's such a specific thing and it distresses me that there isn't a name (to my knowlege) for the colors associated with it.

this post was hell to write (i had to restart 4 times it kept deleting itself :|) but at its base it was just me ranting about color theory and rationalizing to myself why i think the transluscent blue tomagatchi is the best one, but it's fun to think about complex relationships people might have with colors they consider their favorite, or why they might not consider a color they feel strongly about their favorite either (it's still red). also i just think more people should appreciate how beautiful kelp forests are. thank you for reading :)

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