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10.11.23 some tangent about an old tv

first blog post im gonna try to get a grasp formatting againt on this so it motivates me to talk more i think the last time i've done something like this was like. 2014 google+ posts when i was like 10 lol, i've been wanting to for a while but i think the idea of needing a proper format was always too intimidating to me, and i don't wanna worry about that. i tried actual paper journaling but i could never get it into a proper habit. shrug!

i picked up my first very own crt the other day im very excited about it :) ive always had a fondness for analog media as an art form even outside of aesthetic appeal i just love the fuzz of them, they remind of my childhood and i feel like i've lost too much of that recently i needed to treat myself to a vhs movie night

theres something kinda cool to me in an abstract way being able to revive childhood nostalgia through newer interests, being able to relive how it felt as a kid watching that david hasslehoff spongebob movie on vhs repeatedly but now i can do it with saw or scream or whatever other movies i like now. it helps me feel more of a connection to myself, i think, and i need something like that right now :)

maintaining tapes and vcrs feels like such an investment compared to how it used to feel, but maybe thats just because of how much technology has advanced, no one wants these things anymore. it really does feel like a hobby now. i dont think you could have told anyone in 2010 "my hobby is analog media" or whatever without getting some looks about it lol, even when i was 7 i was throwing pennies in the well wishing for a flatscreen but look at me now, going out of my way a decade later hauling a 50lbs box of 2000s delight into my bedroom, i literally already have an lcd tv

plugging it in and turning it on for the first time was such a weirdly magical experience for me. i felt the same delight i felt as a kid when i got to sit down in front of the tv to watch my movies. sadly the vcr was dirty and it didnt come with a head cleaner so i had to order one but that in and of itself was a bit magical too, but that's probably just an unrealated feeling. i like being able to feel like i'm in control of my life even if it's through some weird thing that normal people would view as a tedious errand to run, i love having tasks

despite the fact that i was not given clean vcr, i DID get a free blues clues tape? so... hopefully the dirty vcr didnt irrepably mess that up, it was a neat little treat to accompany my 20" beastie

i think i might still indulge myself in a seprate vcr once i manage to land some income, the tv i got ended up having one built in, but it'd be cool to be able to transfer tapes i find at thrift stores to my computer and upload anything cool i find, i'd love to have a big collection of weird tapes + movies

i think everyone deserves to have some interest like this that fills their world with childlike whimsy. for me it's always been old tech + bugs. something about those two i just find relaxing to submerge myself in, it helps to take the stress of how fast the world goes on around you off your shoulders, even just for a moment

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