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dni and byf

Category: Blogging

DNI: -hateful ppl( racist, homophobe, etc) -terfs/radfems BYF:  -I am taken, do not flirt with me -I am not the best with tone » Continue Reading

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Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Tw: possible hallucination, ghosts, mentions of urine One night I was staying over at my sister’s place and I had to sleep on this weird little couch thing in the living room. I fell asleep around 11 pm and woke up again at 2 am needing to piss. But I noticed a weird scent of roses in the room, and upon looking to the corner in the direction of the bathroom, I saw a great big white orb. Gobsmacked... » Continue Reading

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energy drinks rated by a teenage emo

Category: Food and Restaurants

#1 Monster energy original: 10/10 Sweet and salty guarana flavour, refreshing and mentally rehabilitating, can feel all my cells breathing in the energy. #2 Original Redbull: 10/10 Sugary candy flavour, similar to monster but sweeter and without the guarana overtone.  #3 Monster Ultra Fiesta: 10/10 Electric mango flavour.  #4 Monster Ultra Red:10/10 Electric cherry berry flavour, very smooth. » Continue Reading

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my favourite genres and subgenres

Category: Music

Emo: -pop punk -emo revival -midwest emo Scene: -crunkcore -metalcore -speedcore -edm -happy hardcore Metal: -goregrind -pornogrind -holy unblack metal Disco: -italo disco Pop: -indie pop -alternative pop Punk: -queercore -riot grrl -ska » Continue Reading

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