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"Missing my girlfriend :/"

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~ unfinished ~

Category: Writing and Poetry

I wish I could just be confident instead of faking it going through life with a false sense  of faith in myself I'm not right I'm unfinished bound to unravel from the pressure I wish I could just pick up the pieces maybe finally get it together before we all fall sometimes I think I can just replace them just to avoid the mundane task the task of picking up avoid everything till it gets to be enou... » Continue Reading

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~ Do not interact if... ~

Category: Friends

♥You're a Terf ♥You're racist  ♥You're homophobic  ♥You're a misogynist  ♥You're going to message me sexual things, i am a minor and in a relationship pls don't.  ♥You don't support the black lives matter movement ♥You don't like that I'm an politically outspoken non-binary person. ♥Thanks, But No Thanks♥  » Continue Reading

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~ Grieving is Endless ~

Category: Writing and Poetry

It's been years YEARS. and yet, I miss you still everyday  I talk to you like you're still here you used to talk back I had to let you go  but I miss you. I regret not seeing you in the end  I wasn't ready  honestly I'm still not  I'm reminded of you  every time I see the 20th My heart broke that day and now it breaks every month again. I wish I could have saved you  I really do  Maybe I could hav... » Continue Reading

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~ 4/8 ~

Category: Blogging

I'm trying to get in the pattern of blogging everyday because I very much enjoy this website so,,, here we are. Today was pretty much a normal day, i helped work on things for prom because my art teacher asked me to. I painted this masquerade mask its not done but I think this prom stuff is gonna look amazing. Then in history I learned about the JFK assassination and then I got called out early be... » Continue Reading

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~ Tongue Tied <3 ~

Category: Writing and Poetry

I never though I wanted to grow old, until you kissed me I never thought I wanted children, then, I saw the way you looked at me. It's so hard to find the right words words just don't do you justice, I don't think they ever could you are everything I've dreamed of. Your eyes dilate when you see me, did you know that? your smile makes me feel so happy, I wished and wished for you, and you finally a... » Continue Reading

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~ 4/6 ~

Category: Blogging

ughhhh my favorite ring broke today and I'm really upset about it :/ it was a really important ring to me and I cant believe I'm THIS upset. Anyway other than that today was a pretty good day, I made a mat frame for my artwork!! which is basically like a paper frame but it makes your art look super professional. I also learned about Bob Dylan in my history class and how he broke down the boundarie... » Continue Reading

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