~ 4/8 ~

I'm trying to get in the pattern of blogging everyday because I very much enjoy this website so,,, here we are. Today was pretty much a normal day, i helped work on things for prom because my art teacher asked me to. I painted this masquerade mask its not done but I think this prom stuff is gonna look amazing. Then in history I learned about the JFK assassination and then I got called out early before we could even talk about the conspiracy theories which is like my field of expertise :/  !! please skip the next part if you are sensitive about suicide and the depression of a middle school friend of mine. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, reach out for help if you are struggling mentally or anything like that !!

A couple of hours ago I saw something and I was reminded of my friend who died when we were children and I just really miss him. Ill be posting an old poem about him tomorrow, its gonna be five years and two months on the twentieth. I just cant believe it. Love you and miss you j, forever and always. 

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