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"TLDR: It's me."

She/her. Y'all inclusive. Four decades in.

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Plague and prompts

Category: Life

Finally, covid happened to me, going into the new year. The family sort of passed the baton as we visited. The silver lining is all of my medication for pulmonary support. My symptoms remain worse, on average, and it could be months before my voice returns to whatever the next normal reveals itself to be. Somehow, I'm not too sick to be angry. At work. From the disrespect. So I picked up my art su... » Continue Reading

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On getting started

Category: Blogging

Hi! Apologies to those who suffered through my first draft of the TLDR "biography." I take the nutshell approach to my profile page/section. We're I not focused on brevity in certain areas, I'd never stop. So, I found one among multitude of layouts, and it sets me up quite well. From this layout designer . It's a nice cool neutral. Ignore the weird little bar on my profile pic. It's a screenshot o... » Continue Reading

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TLDR: It's Me!

Category: Life

Consider this entry always a work in progress . GENERAL I wouldn't call myself interesting. But that's not really up to me, right? I'm older, pretty normal looking. It's easy for me to disappear into a crowd. I do fairly well on my own, whether it regards a romantic entanglement, family, a friend group, or among folks with a shared interest. Mine is a fringe existence in all those things. Sometime... » Continue Reading

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