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📌 "DNI"

Category: Friends

My only DNI is if you're any of the following: Transphobic / Homophobic Racist / Ableist A Pedophile or Zoophile Sexist / Misogynistic Proship/Comship or Lolicon/Shotacon Shtwt / Edtwt / 988twt or anything similar. If you romanticize, idolize or excuse the actions of serial killers/murderers/terrorists etc. If you'll defend proven abusers or otherwise awful people simply because you like them. Or ... » Continue Reading

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Ranting — Callout Blogs.

Category: SpaceHey

I think people tend to forget that this is very much a public platform and that when you post blogs, people outside of your target audience are going to see them. The amount of unnecessary callouts I've seen is astronomical, and half of them hardly provide any context or proof to connect someone to an account/messages or explain what certain things mean. If you're going to make a callout post, you... » Continue Reading

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About the recent nsfw accounts

Category: SpaceHey

Do not give them attention. Making new accounts to cover them up or combat them will likely not work or do anything other than make them start up again / keep going. Please don't encourage doing so, you're wasting your time and your emails for really no purpose. Simultaneously, they are likely to keep on either way - with people interfering or without. If people do make those accounts & state it, ... » Continue Reading

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What's bait and what's not? And does it matter?

Category: SpaceHey

No, the answer is no. It doesn't matter if it's bait or not. If you don't like them, click this simple and easy button!  Block User It can be so easy, and you can make it that way! Don't like them? Block! Bait? Keep 'em blocked! Not bait? Keep 'em blocked! It will save you so many troubles. Spend your time doing something more productive with your life, and help others do that too by not making it... » Continue Reading

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Dear Trolls Of Spacehey:

Category: SpaceHey

Please stop trying to be streetsweeper. Sincerely, Get-This-Ripoff-StreetSweeper-Troll-Shit-Off-My-Blogs-And-Bulletins » Continue Reading

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