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Ranting — Callout Blogs.

I think people tend to forget that this is very much a public platform and that when you post blogs, people outside of your target audience are going to see them. The amount of unnecessary callouts I've seen is astronomical, and half of them hardly provide any context or proof to connect someone to an account/messages or explain what certain things mean.

If you're going to make a callout post, you should stick to the things they've actually done wrong, not just things that are weird in your personal opinion. When I'm reading about how someone is a horrible person who's hurt people and then suddenly the blog stops to interject with mildly uncomfortable jokes they made once upon a time, it just puts me off.

If you're friends with someone and they make strange jokes that you return or you don't set a boundary to let them know you're not okay with that, then weeks to months later they turn out to be a total weirdo, and you go back, take screenshots of that and use it as a "Gotcha!" against them—it discredits your points a lot. 

A lot of it ends up feeling like the writer is stretching ordinary behavior to fit the narrative that this person is terrible and irredeemable which makes everything seem even flimsier and more disappointing to read.

If you don't have solid evidence, you shouldn't make a callout blog (of all things). You are bound to have people friended or people who are browsing that don't know you or don't know the person you're calling out. This makes it less likely for people to believe you as they've never had personal experience with either party or have only interacted with the other side.

People are going to be degenerates on the Internet, it happens. People are going to be uncomfortable and weird, it happens. But think for a moment—does everyone need to know that through your blog post or can you trust others to make their own judgements on someone and decide to not interact with them on their own?

If someone was rude to you, you don't need to make a callout blog.

If someone was weird, you don't need to make a callout blog.

If someone makes a pattern out of exploiting others, harming them, or crossing boundaries a callout can be necessary. But you should really consider the circumstances before you decide to post a Blog instead of a Bulletin.

If someone turns out to be bigoted, if someone turns out to be a pedophile, a groomer or an abuser or anything alike to that, then it makes sense for a callout post to be made.

But otherwise, personal drama / drama happening between a small group of people doesn't need to be publicized and plastered everywhere. Someone being weird or on your DNI (when they have it stated publicly) doesn't need to be shared with the entire Spacehey nation. 

That is what the block button is for.

Update — Is it drama or is it dangerous?

The only reason that anyone would think 13 year olds deserve to have all of their wrongs aired out on the internet is if the individual stating such is of a similar age (13, 14, 15? etc). 

I have so many words to say on the subject, I have no idea where to start. 

Being young does not absolve one of all their wrongdoings, especially if they continually take the blame off themselves and refuse improvement, but that doesn't mean that everyone else needs to know about it either. 

At the end of the day, you don't know these children, you are not their parents and you have to trust they'll change on their own. If they don't listen to you in private, posting a blog calling them out isn't going to fix anything.

Most likely, they won't care. If a child winds up in bad corners of the internet and can't already acknowledge what's wrong with it, your blog post will ultimately have no effect on them. 

In a worse scenario, it causes paranoia instead. They grow distrustful in their friends or anyone attempting to reach out—they'll no longer believe people are doing it out of genuine care for them, will be led to believe one wrong step will put them in jeopardy, become more closed off as a result and the so called solution will work backwards.

They will start unwilling to listen and end unwilling to listen. This does not help anyone, and if your excuse for this is that you "aren't trying to help" then you're the problem. 

For what reason are you posting a callout if it helps no one? What is the purpose of you compiling every strange, possibly degenerate, morally incorrect or uncomfortable thing that a child has done on the internet and posting it alongside a long-winded explanation on how awful it supposedly is—if you aren't actually trying to help anything?

Is it even helping you? Do you think your callout is going to prevent anyone from being hurt by said child? If not, then please refrain. 

They are children, regardless if the poster or the reader is as well, they are still children. 

I find that this becomes hard for people to understand or consider when they consider themselves so personally affected by said child, and while it makes their actions no less wrong or hurtful it certainly paints a much bigger picture that should be thought about too. 

They're not going to be like this forever. Believe me, I have been in similar situations, been caught in bad spaces—and knew it was wrong, didn't talk about it whatsoever because of that, but was actively trying to repair myself even as I kept indulging. 

I was in a horrible mental state and the only way I could comfort myself was by submerging myself in equally as fucked up communities. (Which of course only made it worse, but I was convinced it was a healthy coping mechanism and so stuck with it for a while.) 

I know the "they're mentally ill, they're struggling at home, (on and on)" excuse is tired and old for most, but it is true. There are very few children who end up there naturally and they aren't automatically evil for it. They are victims of circumstance. 

A callout would not have helped me and I think I can speak for literally everyone else when I say it won't help them either. 

Having people around me talk about how terrible it was (not how terrible I was) and watching videos that actually explained why proved to be incredibly helpful for me keeping my head screwed on. I knew right from wrong and I knew I needed to leave the communities—the challenge was finding the strength to do so, which nobody but myself could provide, and which I eventually did find. 

^I was 10, 11 and 12 during all of what I'm mentioning (I don't recall exactly when I left).

Children may be stupid in the sense they will make those mistakes without considering the repercussions but they're not stupid in the sense that they can't understand why it's wrong when told. 

(Keep in mind that anyone of any age is capable of being groomed into bad communities, though children are more susceptible. Similarly, anyone is capable of escaping those spaces and improving themselves. 

They can be held accountable for their past actions without being shamed—shame does not encourage people, especially those severely struggling, to continue on a good path. These people are usually very unstable and it can be difficult for them to look past the waves of hate and only focus on the people supporting them when every little thing can feel like three steps back and an additional punch in the gut for them. 

No, being a good person should not be conditional—but for people just finding their way out of those communities, being treated like scum of the earth can end up making them just want to retreat back into the one place they know they won't be. Especially if these people are sheltered and have always been in those corners of the internet. 

Of course, it doesn't go for everyone.)

Providing a support system and calmly explaining to them is the best you can do if you want to help. Otherwise, leave it alone. You cannot fix everything and are not expected to, just don't make things worse.

Apologies for how long I rambled on. I hope this makes sense.

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EUPHEMiSiC's profile picture

additionally ;; do NOT make a callout blog at all if that person is what? younger than you? if you're 15-about-to-turn-16-18+ and you're going to call out a person who's like. 13-14. then please rethink your decision. ESPECIALLY if they're like SEVERELY mentally ill and you're about to call them out for the decisions they make that, yes, are stupid, and yes, are probably being caused by their mental state, but you're just making the situation worse.

also, if you label a callout blog "something important to inform people" it is STILL a callout blog. it doesn't change what the callout blog is, because you're still calling out a person's actions

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by Xxriders101xX; ; Report

on fucking GOD im so tired of people making callout posts on people who are like 12-14 and obviously severely mentally ill for... doing average mentally ill things??!?! instead of helping them or simply just blocking them and moving on these keyboard warriors decide to make some little kids mental health public :/

by ASTERZTEETH; ; Report

Something that I think it's really dangerous is minors pointing out they're minors. If you are still young enough to be easily manipulated, why the hell would you tell everyone that? What makes them think that an adult groomer will say "Oh, they said they don't want to interact with adults, so I won't talk to them"? They shouldn't tell stuff that none needs to know and that will damage their safety and integrity

by Emaemaema; ; Report


★ LEAFU ☭'s profile picture

like really! why am i supposed to care about someone i dont know that they hurt someones feeling?? gimmie useful blogs! i remember when it was only creeps on the top blogs.. ;~;

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★ LEAFU ☭'s profile picture

like really! why am i supposed to care about someone i dont know that they hurt someones feeling?? gimmie useful blogs! i remember when it was only creeps on the top blogs.. ;~;

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destiny !!

destiny !!'s profile picture

real, theyre so fucking stupid. the only time you should be "calling someone out" is in private or when they've done something so fucked up that everyone to ever exist needs to know about it. (like pedophilia, grooming, abuse, etc...)

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Icie_>_<'s profile picture

I agree with this so much. I also personally think callout posts are only needed if someone is ACTUALLY a groomer/pedo or is doing something else which is actually hurting a lot of people. why is it that people feel the need to call out teens/younger people who most likely need help and arent doing well mentally (yes, im talking about the top callout post)

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This is so real, it's like "call out blog" and it's some fucking 13 year old no one even knows or has heard about. No offense but can yall keep ur interpersonal drama in the interpersonal spaces T-T

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ur so real for this

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most times the callouts will just be against mentally ill middle schoolers like cmon now

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Kandi monsta!!🍉

Kandi monsta!!🍉's profile picture

And esp if the call out blog was ⋆.˚ ᡣ𐭩 .𖥔˚𝑨𝒆𝒔𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒕𝒊𝒄 ⋆.˚ ᡣ𐭩 .𖥔˚ and the font is barley readable so you have to squint your eyes to even see the “horrible things ect ect did”

*cough cought* the top call out post *cough cough*

Plus people act weird on the internet, but if a person turned out to be a creep, the person would dig up many MANY months of text just to proof they were a weirdo

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lmao real i was dying trying to read through the layout

by Aya; ; Report


❀ลµя๏яล❀'s profile picture

the worst part is those who make the callout blog never update on anything or own up to it. the top callout blog hasn't been updated and they've been gone for 10 days, its like come on and own up that you're not doing anything good.

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The pathetic imbecile who made it used one of their many alt accounts likely because they were scared of backlash. I don't think they're ever coming on that account again, especially not to take any accountability.

by ︎︎; ; Report

hopefully we can find their alt account, I hate people who can't take responsibility, it just sounds like they made the post to garner attention to a mentally unwell person thinking they were a youtuber or grown adult who knew about these kinds of things. (sorry for bad english, I just woke up.)

by ❀ลµя๏яล❀; ; Report


aiden's profile picture

not even just spacehey!! callout posts ALWAYS reach more than ur target audience on any platform.. i see it on tt and twt and its like UGHH?? who r these ppl?? its even worse when theyre grown adults going aftr little kids.. dey do not see any problems with attacking ppl either.. ive seen people encourage others 2 atk ppl and ofc bc ppl online arent all dat smart and just follow everything sum1 they like does or says 2 do,,, they do it!!! its a problem!!

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YES. Most real opinion

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finn's profile picture

right the call out posts are starting to make this site feel like twitter lol

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Zero's profile picture

i always hate when multiple callout blogs get popular at the same time bc instead of getting to see anything interesting i have to slog through 15 almost identical minor disagreements turned into the scandal of the week

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this is very real

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realest blog evr

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MetalHeart ☭

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Giving 100 kudos

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Liz ^^

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Lee ☆

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real bro

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