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Category: Romance and Relationships

tl;dr: i made a small joke abt my bf and we broke up and im pretty sure i tried to manipulate him into staying with me. lmaooo this is gna sound so stupid but i've been thinking abt how i broke up with my ex and i came to the realization that i'm a fucking asshole. this was a VERY long time ago but let me explain. we'd been dating for the shortest amount of time (like a month) so i didn't think it... » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

why is it that whenever i join a conversation the mood always changes? i don't get it, i'm always trying to be nice to people when they approach me, so why am i being ignored? i sound like a 5 year old without any friends LOL but anyways im kinda sad about this. maybe it's bc im hella awkward and i kinda fucked up most of my friendships by being "annoying". that still pisses me off and idk what to... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

the guys at my school are all wack. they're all either homophobic and racist, or self-centered and idiotic. sometimes it's both HAHA but anyways lemme tell u a story about one of em. our friend introduces us and all then all of a sudden when he's comfortable, BOOM! he says a slur right to my face and acts like it's not a big deal then tries justifying it by saying it's a quote from the office. not... » Continue Reading

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