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Category: Friends

I need more scene and emo friens. I have like one friend and I wanna meet more scene and emo ppl plz be my friend I promise im cool!!!!! » Continue Reading

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small town scene kid

Category: Life

I liv in the middle of buttfuck nowhere with a whoooole bunch of conservatives but I luv when little kidz or teens stare in awe of my outfit and belts or spikes and ask questions bc they've never seen a scene or emo person irl. It makes me so happy 2 see a genuine interest in alternative fashion. I get my fair share of being called a freak or getting stared at which suks but itz the small thingz d... » Continue Reading

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need goth music recs plz

Category: Music

Hai! Im a scene/emo guy but I really want to get into more goth music! I really like the music Ive heard so far and would luv more goth music recs, thx in advance xoxo » Continue Reading

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Mario movie

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Mario movie 0/10 luigi n bowser didn't kiss the entire movie  » Continue Reading

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