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How people on spacehey has a bf/gf?

Category: Romance and Relationships

So i was seeking around here for a while and saw that many blogs about people saying how perfect are their partners, but i have a question, i see that there's so many lgtb couples, and i was thinking "HOLD ON, how these guys even find a partner! gay boys are common to find? WHY I NEVER SAW A BOY LIKE THAT IN MY LIFE? WHERE I CAN FIND THESE BOYS- i mean... i thought that was a 1/10000 to see..." ma... » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

BASIC DNI CIMITERRIAS - DNI IF YOU ARE ALIVE, im already alive and its sufficient with one - DNI IF YOU LIKE L4D, GORDON FREEMAN LIFE, DOTA OR SOME GAME ON THE RANDOM ETHERNET CABIN, i already played them and its sufficient with that - DNI IF YOU ARE A HUMAN, i already met myself and its sufficient with that THANKS FOR READING  » Continue Reading

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Category: Romance and Relationships

-Soportar maltratos 24/7 (obligatorio) -Decirme que me quieres cada 2 segundos (obligatorio) -No tener amigos -No tener familia -No tener otra pareja -Ser multimillonario -Saber hacer el mewing -Matar a quien yo ordene -Tener un Ferrari Enzo color negro (obligatorio) -Ser humano (opcional) -Respirar bajo el agua -Saber tratar con arañas de 3 metros » Continue Reading

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Técnicas del santo de Geminis

Category: Books and Stories

1.- Explosión de galaxias 2.- Otra dimensión Gracias por leer Menciones honorificas: - Satán imperial - Técnicas de Aspros/Deuteros (más de 2) - Técnicas de Paradox (más de 2) » Continue Reading

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