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"Sharpening my nails into claws!"

Nia. Alt Model, Songwriter, Vampire Goth

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Being a vampire is so exhausting

Category: Blogging

Every DM is " bite me mistress, please!" Imagine if all your meals begged you to eat them. You'd get a headache. » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

The world's in real trouble again, isn't it? » Continue Reading

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The making of "Night Queen"

Category: Music

"Night Queen" was a song I'd pretty much written in a fervor during the beginning of the pandemic. I'd really been writing songs my whole life, but that part of myself I'd shoved off to the side in pursuit of trying to build myself around principles, and ideals that were more common (e.g: getting a regular 9-5, trying to fit in, participating in social activities that for the most part were boring... » Continue Reading

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Bad weather makes things better.

Category: Life

    Rain is what makes my brain kick into overdrive. Other people can't function when it's dark and gloomy but the colder, wetter, and darker it is for me, the better my day always is. A dark and stormy night is basically the equivalent of a sunny afternoon for most people. Add a streak of lightning and a crash of thunder and I'll have enough serotonin to last for the rest of the week. » Continue Reading

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