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The making of "Night Queen"

"Night Queen" was a song I'd pretty much written in a fervor during the beginning of the pandemic. I'd really been writing songs my whole life, but that part of myself I'd shoved off to the side in pursuit of trying to build myself around principles, and ideals that were more common (e.g: getting a regular 9-5, trying to fit in, participating in social activities that for the most part were boring enough to melt my brain. Bowling was one of those things that for whatever reason my friend group couldn't get enough of--couldn't stand it for shit ). COVID-19 gave me the chance to turn everything off and spend some time doing things that I loved and songwriting has always been one of them.

 I went on a hunt for a few sounds and the minute I came across NINTEY8's Drake-inspired beat, "Mob Association", it wrote itself. The melody came first, and some old, suppressed, childhood memories of sitting in front of the VCR with Akasha played by Aaliyah back in the 2000s, dancing across the screen before ripping some ol' dude's heart out, slapped me across the face. With her, in mind, it sort of became a song for POC, especially Black and brown people, to celebrate a little in the Alt scene and space, that some people don't really think we belong in. My voice and style isn't suited for traditionally sounding goth, punk, or rock music, but the theme to me is what makes this song stand out.

 You probably won't catch your average everyday person in a pair of vampire fangs or velvet capes unless it's Halloween -- but for others, it's an 24/7, it's what makes them feel good even if other people think it's a little weird or out of place. This song, despite its genre, could also be considered that way: out of place, weird, not marketable.

I love it though so who cares lmfao.

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