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8 Comments— 16 Kudos

OG MySpace notifications

Category: SpaceHey

Just found this screenshot of the original notifications design on OG MySpace. It would be great to see this reimplemented on spacehey, after all relevant features ship :) » Continue Reading

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4 Comments— 11 Kudos

I'm using <br> tags to separate paragraphs

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

and I'm not even sorry it's 2005 all over again deal with it (•_•) ( •_•)&gt;⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) » Continue Reading

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spacehey monetization ideas

Category: Blogging

Collected here for reference. Originally from a comment of mine under this blog post by the man himself . Because while stickers are rad , I think we can all agree they're not going to provide financial sustainability in the long run. The idea is to offer a spacehey paid tier with premium features. Good candidates for premium features might be: Private profiles: The ability to make some sections o... » Continue Reading

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Can I haz markdown?

Category: SpaceHey

Or would that be too fancy already? I like the raw/nerdy feeling of having to type html for all formatting and hyperlinking but it gets boring after a while, especially on my phone. I think markdown would be perfect for spacehey. I hope An  reads this ಠ‿↼ » Continue Reading

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How do I edit the CSS in here?

Category: SpaceHey

Am I supposed to just start bashing stuff into random input fields? » Continue Reading

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