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"34/ female/ autoromantic / writer, artist, musician ( she/her). "


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Feel free to join

Category: Friends

I created a social media site that you might enjoy if you want to join So beer that would be great I’ll be very happy to have you onboard as my social media guinea pigs however there are some rules that you will see that there is some used in those who feel free to enjoy the side Hidden friends » Continue Reading

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Ibn Battutah aka bry

Category: Music

Right now, he's probably slow dancin' With a bleached-blond tramp and she's probably gettin' frisky Right now, he's probably buyin' her some fruity little drink 'Cause she can't shoot whiskey Right now, he's probably up behind her with a pool-stick Showin' her how to shoot a combo And he don't know I dug my key into the side of his pretty little souped-up four-wheel drive Carved my name into his l... » Continue Reading

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Month from hell

Category: Romance and Relationships

I Went through a month of here how almost 2 months of year hell with the most jerkyest guy on the planet. This is what started me on the first of my memoirs and my sack on my memoirs because I am trying to heal from what he has nearly done to me and nearly  did the other women ( to put it polite) » Continue Reading

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Feel free to subscribe to YouTube channel

Category: Blogging

Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you’re interested random facts as well as anything about my life as well as life in general this is was really good to think about and you might learn something not trash about me but about life in general and the world around you here is the link  Elena stargazer   Enjoy » Continue Reading

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