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bein activveeeee..@>@

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

mewo thinkz meowz fonna  change meowz whole account soon meow wantz 2 be moar activ here but meowz not alwayz moew.  itz sou hard bein a girl ugh!!!11111! meow cant be here  bcuz meowz not alwyaz exist do u. GET WHAT mewo meaaaanzz........meow will bring other people in tha houze. meow will becom normal 4 u guyz later meow thinkz!!!!!11 meowz plannin 2 make a ummmm a yt acct on meowz birthfyday wh... » Continue Reading

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momotype! (spoiler alert :3)

Category: Games

meow iz currently playin momotype rn goin in fully blind (meow doeznt remember even ever seein thiz game, much less DOWNLOADIN AND INSTALLING it) and meow haz NEVER. in MEOWZ ENTIRE LIFE. related to a character so much. meow swearz some1 delved into meowz mind and made a game based off of it???? even momoz NAME iz the same as meowz and th whole memory loss/"iz thiz even a memory" thing is insanely... » Continue Reading

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