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momotype! (spoiler alert :3)

meow iz currently playin momotype rn goin in fully blind (meow doeznt remember even ever seein thiz game, much less DOWNLOADIN AND INSTALLING it) and meow haz NEVER. in MEOWZ ENTIRE LIFE. related to a character so much. meow swearz some1 delved into meowz mind and made a game based off of it???? even momoz NAME iz the same as meowz and th whole memory loss/"iz thiz even a memory" thing is insanely accurate, even down to th changez nd similaritiez between th behavioral patternz of the momotypez itz genuinely insane

AND ESPECIALLY TH WAY MOMO LOVEZ. ITZ LITERALLY SO SIMILAR 2 THE WAY MEOW LOVZ MEOW CANT BELIEVE MEOWZ EYEZ itz liek borderline obsession and it drivez meow insane and it drivez MOMO insane too??? meow empathizez so much w/ these characterz meow lovz them omgomg

meow also lovz the silly TV lore itz so funny and concernin at th same time AND WHY DOEZ MOMO TURN INTO A FUCKING HIPPO??????? itz so creative itz literally amazing??? th inhumanity stuff iz so accurate 2 how meow feelz bro itz honestly impressiv, thiz game is so great

meowz so sorry 2 be oversharin liek thiz on meowz first post but GODDAMN (also if meow didnt post thiz meow wld literally never ever post anythin else in thiz acct)

meow haz now finished playin th game, meow found meow really doeznt fully relate but it still fitz so much of wat meow "iz"

meow really reccomendz it itz great meow promisez :D

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