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today sucked !

Category: Blogging

today sucked a$s  got soaking wet in the rain and didn’t complete nearly as much stuff as i wanted/need to.  also saw the lineup for emonite vegas and it’s right in time for my bday and i want to go so bad :(( but no one to go with :,) » Continue Reading

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relieved !!!!!!!!!!

Category: Blogging

I stressed way too much for that exam yall it was too easy I literally stayed up all night studying for NO reason 🤦‍♀️ oh well now i can play sims and not feel guilty about it B) how is your day going ? » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

So i’m supposed to be studying for my dumb midterm tomorrow but I went to salvation army instead and i found SO many dvds and i’m actually obsessed. I got twilight, the social network, the third season of weeds (lmao) , meet the parents, and like a bunch more and it was only $11!!!!!!! The blockbuster tag on the twilight dvd was literally $14.99 😭  imagine the person who paid that much for that in... » Continue Reading

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New video

Category: Blogging

Haaayyyy so im assuming that most people wont be here looking at my profile so hello to whatever people are actually reading this lmao i filmed my next video which is going to be about industry plants because i am TIRED of everyone calling literally any and everyone a plant...i cant take it I have a midterm this week so I cant edit right now BUT once im finished ill have her up asap One day ill be... » Continue Reading

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