relieved !!!!!!!!!!

I stressed way too much for that exam yall it was too easy

I literally stayed up all night studying for NO reason 🤦‍♀️

oh well now i can play sims and not feel guilty about it B)

how is your day going ?

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ok, same hahaha, the idea of playing Sims stress free was what kept me going throughout exams...are you excited bout cottage living? hehe

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i never get the expansion packs! i suppose i could afford to get them now that i’m an adult but i’ve just never used them 😭

by Mila Tequila; ; Report


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see this is why i do that thing where i stress super hard about my exams but do absolutely everything else but study cuz the feeling of knowing i did nothing and still did good is absolutely amazing. obviously this backfires for the 80% of tests that need studying for but…

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always better when it's easier that harder than expected, but when it happens i'm like "that's suspicious that's weird" lol

now I want to play sims 2 castaway but I have to study to take my theory test ugh ಥ_ಥ

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of course!! and idk what kind of theory you’re taking but if it’s music theory, i salute you

by Mila Tequila; ; Report

argh google trad failed me it's driving theory test, long gone are the days I had music theory tests amen

by itsxnana; ; Report

* K1yla *

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Which sims are u playing? not ... sims 4,,, right??

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we can only hope it's 3..... or in a perfect world... 2 :')

by CHRIS!; ; Report

Unfortunately, it is sims 4 😭 i couldn’t afford it and only played sims 3 until like a year or two ago so i’m still willing to look over how bad it is for the better graphics lmaoo

i do love to play 3 every now and again but I have no cc or mods for it on my laptop :,(

by Mila Tequila; ; Report

you can buy sims 2 with all expansion packs on ebay for the low

by * K1yla *; ; Report