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so im assuming that most people wont be here looking at my profile so hello to whatever people are actually reading this lmao

i filmed my next video which is going to be about industry plants because i am TIRED of everyone calling literally any and everyone a plant...i cant take it

I have a midterm this week so I cant edit right now BUT once im finished ill have her up asap
One day ill be able to upload more than once a month......

but right now is not that time

alright toodles
have a fab night :P

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Prince Willy

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So excited!! I really liked your Lindsay & Pari beef video, it rocked!! Can you please make a video on Britney Spears In The Zone era this summer?, because I think it's so interesting, like the JT breakup, the entire break she took from her career, the VMAs, the tour, the album, the injury, but then Chaotic and the Curious perfume, etc. Love ya! Kind kisses and big hugs.

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dressa ♡ ° . 。✧

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your videos are amazing ilyy

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thank youuuu

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