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UFO Information and Project Blue Book/Roswell

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Project Blue Book was a FBI team that ran from 1947 until 1969. The people of America could call up and report cases of Unidentified Flying Objects, and it was the teams job to investigate these reports and establish weather or not the reports were truly unidentified. Many cases were found to be test aircraft, and various millitary test machines. However, as available publically, the total cases r... » Continue Reading

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About Me

Category: Friends

I'm Matt, 22 and from the UK. I'm a musician full time, I play guitar, write lyrics and sing primarily. My main genres are punk and alternative rock. I'm also interested in art, tattoos, old cars and mechanics. I'm a strong believer in the paranormal and aliens. More information on me is available on my profile, I'm always down to chat, so feel free to message me. Peace, love and rock n' roll, Mat... » Continue Reading

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Finally, the scientists are being honest!

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

‘It’s not a matter of if, but when we will detect signs of alien life’ I mean, they’ve detected gasses only produced by marine life on earth on a planet that’s light years away. To me, that just confirms it but whatever. They’re gonna be testing planets and moons over the coming years in hopes of liquid water. Where there’s liquid water, there is life. Fact. They think within 2 years we will have ... » Continue Reading

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Roswell 1947

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

One fateful night in July, 1947, the world changed forever. Science changed forever. In a remote farm, in Roswell New Mexico, a UFO came crashing down in the field. A farmer went out, saw the wreckage and investigated. He found a piece of metal, he said he could crumple it up, and it popped right back into shape. Shortly after, the US Army arrived, and took the craft, and debris away for study. Ne... » Continue Reading

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