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New Years Resolutions

Category: Life

I am making this list now; I am also making it public so hopefully, I hold myself to this standard.  1. GET OFF MY PHONE - I spend... way too much time on it. On top of that, what I'm doing could hardly be considered social interaction. How I will fully plan on cutting this time in half will be with the next resolution. I will be buying a flip phone for work and school.  2. GET A JOB! - Do I need ... » Continue Reading

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Can you code your blog?

Category: SpaceHey

Are you able to code your blog? I feel like I've seen a few people do this but I have a feeling I was just looking at something wrong » Continue Reading

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myspace 93

Category: Blogging

welp... LMFAO guess we all have to migrate here... this'll take a long time to get used to » Continue Reading

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