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boooo internet romance

Category: Life

do NOT get into romantic situations with internet ppl !!!! very bad idea do not do it u might fall for someone super far and cry abt it for months !!!!!!! its supa complicated and not worth the tears save urselves !!!!!!! » Continue Reading

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tiktok fame is insane

Category: Life

the way ppl get popular on tiktok is so weird and random to me. like sometimes i see something really funny or cool and im like okay yeah that makes sense for it to blow up but then theres ppl that just stare at the camera and get sooooo many likes and views. istg tiktok picks a vid out of a hat and then goes yeah lets blow up this one ITS SO CONFUSING AND STRANGE » Continue Reading

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lana del ray at 2:00 AM

Category: Friends

listening to one of my fav playlists at 2:00AM while playing roblox with my bsf is so fun. ill prolly never do this again as an adult but its so fun and im so happy to have these simple moments. » Continue Reading

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!! PLS HELP !! how do i change my layout??

Category: SpaceHey

im seeing so many cool layouts on ppl's profiles. how do i change mine?? pls help > < » Continue Reading

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hello !!

Category: Blogging

helloo !! i saw this from tiktok and decided i'd get it for fun. i love blogging about my life so it seemed like a cool thing to try. as a short intro, my name is luna, im 16 (turning 17 in august T-T) and i love designing new things. feel free to add me and chat, i love meeting new people !! xx » Continue Reading

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