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HIIII (about me) ^__^

Category: Life

HAIII my name is Liam but you can tell me Lim or Limpy, some things about me I like cats, I have one called Micky and I love him very much, I really like horror things and cute things >__ » Continue Reading

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stamps, blinkies and other silly things :3

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

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Ideas for bracelets!!

Category: Blogging

Creé este blog ya que me gustan muchas pulseras y como a veces veo ideas en internet decidí agregar las imágenes aquí y luego puedo hacerlas :D Aquí hay algunas ideas: Agregaré más más tarde :3 (las imágenes no son mías, solo las tomo de Internet, especialmente Pinterest) » Continue Reading

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First day of school :3

Category: Life

Today it was normal, there were many students looking for their names in the lists and my friends and I saw that we were not in the same group and we felt a little bad :( but we would still see each other in the recess, in my classroom I did not know anyone it was a bit boring but a classmate caught my attention I think I found it a bit attractive?, I'm afraid I like someone in my classroom :C » Continue Reading

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Discord and Roblox :33

Category: Friends

Discord: lim_eow Roblox: IronCatXDPapu In case you want to add me ^_^ » Continue Reading

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About me ♪(^∇^*)

Category: Friends

Name: Liam Age: 13 (Oct, 10, 2009) Pronouns: he/him My favorite animals: cats, bears and otters I have a cat named Micky (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ・゚✧ I'm from Mexico I love making friends (∩^o^)⊃━☆ I like creepypastas, my favorites are: Jeff the killer, Eyeless jack » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

Hola, si te gusta Metalocalypse por favor envíame un mensaje ^_^ Tengo muchas ganas de conocer a más personas a las que les gusta y podemos hablar de ello :D » Continue Reading

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