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Due dates

Category: School, College, University

Aghrrrrrr Right now I do stuff I should did like over the last 9 weeks just so I can pass this year and have time whitout school and finish this year! I'm really so done with it, I just want it to be over Also, here a cookie, you sure deserve one *gives you a cookie* » Continue Reading

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Children that are too sick to be taken serious

Category: Blogging

Welcome! You just clicked on a controvertial topic, where I only speak out of expiriance and my thoughts to it. Where to begin? Well, the title of it is, "Children that are too sick to be taken serious", you can take that from either the bodily or mental place, but unlees it's cancer (which is terrible to have!), it doesn't matter. But it sucks if you have both. Espaccially if you are a complicate... » Continue Reading

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Searching for friendos?

Category: Friends

Hiiiiiii This may be weird, BUT I never said I was sane, so I don't have anything to loose. I am kind off new here (but not really), and since my social life is pretty not exsistent, I would ask if anyone would be up for it? If you of course are oki with it. I am nice I think, and I write a lot (will create some blogs, no worries), I like a lot of specific things but I am really good at them! Also... » Continue Reading

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