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Children that are too sick to be taken serious


You just clicked on a controvertial topic, where I only speak out of expiriance and my thoughts to it.

Where to begin? Well, the title of it is, "Children that are too sick to be taken serious", you can take that from either the bodily or mental place, but unlees it's cancer (which is terrible to have!), it doesn't matter. But it sucks if you have both. Espaccially if you are a complicated case of something and have decend enough grades and are a good kid in school. Cause let's be clear, in the point of view, most adults really think if a child is good in school they can't have ANY problems. 

What do I mean with this? Well... 
Look, I will try to explain through an example, we have two children, Betty and Alex.
Alex is very "bad" in school, he barely holds his grades over the minimum, fights a lot, is mean to teachers and forgets his homework all the time. He doesn't care about school or his education at all and just snaps all the time a teacher wants to talk to him or any other kid in class.
Betty on the other hand, is really a brave girl! She alsways do her homework and makes perfect presentations, she is also shy but she can compromase with her big and very incredible knowledge. She has only staight A's and looks decent enough to not be ugly. She follows the class and doesn't say any mean word to not even a fly.

Little question to anyone reading (if anyone does lol), who of those two would need help? Deserve help?
Right, you guest it!

Because both are not quite like how children should behave at any point, and anything could go on. But that's only my first point. What I want to say here, you can't possible assume someone is doing allright mentally or bodily just cause they have nice grades.

And the second?
Well that one is even a bit more fucked if you think about it. And it's that sick children don't get help, esspacially if doctors/psychologist/adults in generall, hear that those problems aren't from last week. 

It's not even that easily. When I was 10, I was told I was way to young to be chronically ill and/or be depressed, because "I'm too young".
Now I'm 17, and the same people are saying I can't be chronically ill, or depressed because I possible couldn't deal with this shit for so long whitout anyone noticing. Because, I got "too old" for that. Not for that, as depression itself, but too old in terms of, I suffer from it too long for it "to be relevant" or important to them.

But I'm not alone at this. There're children (or now adults/teens) that know excatly what I'm talking about. Because they lived thrugh that. They understand.
But they shouldn't.

Because adults should be there to listen and protect children. To understand and offer help if it's needed. But thy don't, cause they can't seem to comperhand anything slidely diffrent from their stand point and belive that since you are a minor you are immune to anything bad. In their POV, you as a child don't have a reason to cry, you are not allowed to feel bad becasue you don't know what it's "really bad". 

Actaully the adults are the stupid ones. If they only would listen, if they wouldn't be so egocentric and selfish and thinking the whole world is only them, there would be a lot less children like me.

And I hope that happens, since that shit sucks.
I didn't chose to be that way, no child does, someone else have to fuck you up (or it's just your genetics/faith") so you are the way you are. May be your parents, may be a teacher or may be your classmates or siblings. But someone did it. Because children are still children, they are learning and they don't have a wide enough logic and understanding what is actaully even happening and then, after YEARS trying to open up to someone, be told that "they couldn't have that for so long/ect" aka they are told they are too sick for anyone to care. Even now.

And because you were brave and nice enough to read through this, here a Cookie!
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