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"im backkkkk"

english ja suomi, learning spanish :D

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abt me

Category: Life

Kat/Katie/KP 16 4/13/07 bi girl. pls excuse the hypersexual comments i was groomed i ramble a lot i hate politics! NSFW: https://spectrum.avris.it/Ewqo » Continue Reading

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first blog in ages

Category: Blogging

omg i can write freely and post it yayyyy so theres this thing, idk what it is, but it's just this sense of calm i get whenever im in a certain environment, these places are: Old office buildings with the brown and yellow tints, offices in old towns overlooking a main street (political cartoon with what i mean below), flower markets and amish markets to name a few. im sure id get this sense of cal... » Continue Reading

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