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Happy New Year 2024! (& Future Plans) (mirror from site)

Category: Life

Heyo! It's been a hot minute since our last blog post. In between IRL life being really busy and feeling out some extreme creative burnout, we really haven't had the time or energy to do much on our site or other projects. That being said, we wanted to post a quick blog to say Happy New Year to all of you !! I hope 2024 is better for all of us! » Continue Reading

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Waterparks @ Anaheim! (mirror from site)

Category: Music

Hello! I got back from Anaheim this morning (when I had first started typing this blog post on May the 1st) with data and Bel! It was a super fun trip, seeing Waterparks live for the first time, as well as going to the Homestuck Café. We even got to hang out with another online friend while down there after the café. Some annoying things happened at the hotel (like a kid pulling a fire alarm twice... » Continue Reading

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Another Survey (✧ω✧)

Category: Quiz/Survey

I keep doing surveys to procrastinate on making proper introduction blog entries and etc. (ᐛ)ᒃ yaaay Basics Name: Proxy or Ambrose Age: 24 orz Date of Birth: May 18th Hair Color: Redish brownish Eye Color: Green? Race: White, primarily Irish Favorite Color(s): » Continue Reading

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Intro Survey! ||^o^)/

Category: Quiz/Survey

BASIC INFO name: Proxy, Ambrose nickname:  intra, kotatsu, modem, kin names, etc. age: 24 pronouns: they/he + birthday: May 18th siblings: 0 straight/bi/gay: Queer T4T, Ace spectum, + job:  can’t say bc it’d def. reveal where I live (^^;; » Continue Reading

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