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Happy New Year 2024! (& Future Plans) (mirror from site)

Heyo! It's been a hot minute since our last blog post. In between IRL life being really busy and feeling out some extreme creative burnout, we really haven't had the time or energy to do much on our site or other projects.
That being said, we wanted to post a quick blog to say Happy New Year to all of you!! I hope 2024 is better for all of us!

In this new year, we will be continuing work on a new site that will host all of our system information (that's why any/all system information on this site is currently outdated; please go here for up to date information until further notice). Furthermore, we will be going to Waterparks' Sneaking Out of Heaven Tour in early April, so expect a blog about that just as we had created one last year for The Intellectual Property Tour! We even got VIP tickets this time, so we'll probably be talking about meeting the band too~.

Those two big things aside, have you all checked out Knight's personal site? We plan on having personal sites for alters that want them in the coming future too!
What about our new tumblr blog that will be posting whenever the site updates and displaying our creations for our sites? Please feel free to give it a follow and reblog our content there if you wanna!

All things considered, this is just a short and disjointed blog post to say there are new things coming to our site and general online presence! Hope to see y'all around! <3

(Original on kotatsu.me)

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