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Category: Web, HTML, Tech

So my code works fine with internal css but doesn't work with external. i dont totally understand it though because it was a line written automatically by neocities. I didn't edit any of the necessary things but its not workinggggggggggggg my internal code:   my code to make this code external my file name is style.css and its a local file created by neocities » Continue Reading

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i h8 this

Category: Blogging

Im actually tweaking right now. I am trying to code for my profile but ion know much about coding. I'm okay-ish with html but css makes me wanna kms. idk a lot of it is simple to understand but idk how to test my code and my edits to others' codes w/o actually editing my profile. Ive been putting it into google docs to help me understand the codes and read through them, then i highlight what i hav... » Continue Reading

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Styles and Aesthetic-Scene

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

Idk what most people blog about ngl but ima do it my own way. I have gone through liking many styles and snd aesthetics, but rn I'm hooked on scene, but I don't know much about the culture itself. anyone  willing to educate me? Or just talk about it? There's so much culture behind scene and emo culture. I love the style and the colors. I am not at all like most scene ppl Ive bet, but also i am? an... » Continue Reading

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New To spacehey

Category: SpaceHey

Tbh, I'm so sad I missed out on MySpace. I literally love the concept so much, so when i found out about SpaceHey i just had to sign up. it's not super popular so I can use it on my school computer and the coding aspect makes me so happy. It's honestly everything ive ever wanted. but idk how many ppl like me are on this app. I think it might just be millennials looking for nostalgia.  » Continue Reading

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