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"playing rblx with a broken arm :p"

popular in school , rlly sociall ! , sushi makes me happy

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Category: Life

hi guysss , sorry for not being active for like 2 MONTHS .... so like my arm was broken -_- and i had to go to physiotherapy after getting my cast off now like 1 month later i remember i have a spacehey account since i also got a xbox like 2 days b4 school ended so :p , im gonna try to be more active now , thats all bye ^-^ » Continue Reading

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bullying ( not school bullying ,, another type of bullying )

Category: Life

I HATEEE , when people say ur gay or u r the opposite when u wear a certain type of style , i wear baggy clothes and this dude called me gay and i live in a rlly homophobic country , it annoys me when people say something about u when they dont know u. » Continue Reading

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Category: Travel and Places

summer is one of the best seasons alongside autumn , spring brings out the allergies, while winter in december is only good , january , feb and march are boring. Summer makes u happy , yes there are mosquitos and its hot but u have free time , no more stress , u go on vacation , u go to the beach and enjoy everythin. » Continue Reading

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fatal frame

Category: Games

fatal frames style is really cool , but people need to start talking abt the game in general , it really shows the horror aspect of games , the playstyle is really good and the characters are developed with storylines and motives.  » Continue Reading

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school bullying

Category: School, College, University

is it js me who thinks its weird how ppl in school bully somebody js bc they wear baggy pants or smth , like why do u care abt what they wear or do , u wont even know them 6 yrs from now on. » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

i alwayz will wonder : how do dreamz work :o » Continue Reading

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