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I was hungry

Category: Food and Restaurants

I was hungry I am a person that eats a lot of food aight, don't judge me, it's just that, idk, I love food, that's one of the reasons I love living like, fr. MM... FOOD. And just, look at this, man, I wish I can eat it again that sh was soooo good. » Continue Reading

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Me inscribí al gym 👍🏻

Category: Blogging

Comencé a  ir al gym Había tenido esta idea en la cabeza por unas cuantas semanas ya, desde que me enteneré que se cancelaba la sección avanzada  de volleyball por lo que ya no podría asistir a los entrenamientos, pues aunque existen otras secciones, ninguna de ellas logra acomodarse dentro de mis horarios. Como sea, apenas llevo dos semanas entrenando con peso y pues, » Continue Reading

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I cooked again :3

Category: Food and Restaurants

Hi guys, I returned to show you once more my breakfast :p Today I made some hotdogs, but in my style lol So I went to the supermarket and found these long ahh sausages, like, they're huge. Just look at this: » Continue Reading

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I made breakfast :3

Category: Food and Restaurants

Hi guys, how you doing? Today I wanna share with you my breakfast, Idk, it just tasted so good that I wanted to show you lol. (also looks great) » Continue Reading

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unfortunately no more volleyball :(

Category: Sports

Hi guys, how are you doing? Hope you doing great, or at least, better than me, that's for sure lol, cause I just got the news that my volleyball classes are gonna disappear I mean, the reasons they gave me are good but still. I've been playing volleyball since like, childhood but I never really got into it until a year ago. I started to take it serious cause it was fun and I m » Continue Reading

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