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my fav band websitez (aka, theyre super kewl 2 look at , basically)

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

gorillaz - gorillaz.com cobra starship - cobrastarship.com comment if u have any i should put here !! » Continue Reading

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how 2 add music and photoz/blinkiez 2 profile

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

4 music (specifically 4 youtube): 4 photoz/blinkiez: » Continue Reading

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3 fav songz from various bandz i like

Category: Music

spotify playlist :  https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4ZVwvDfOynPY2r2qh5Bsr2?si=GvRbo_CzT9qVDT6tvOFSnQ basically, i just picked my three fav songz from random bandz (off the top of my head) that i like  if u guyz decide 2 do this too, link the playlist below !! ^-^ » Continue Reading

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u know that moment...

Category: Life

anyone know that moment when u go to hot topic and u see something cool but you second guess it and decide not to buy it? then later u realize u should've bought it? literally had the moment just a few days ago, and i went back to hot topic so that i could get the thing i was talking about (it was this studded red and black checker-patterned belt). and then i didnt find it. it was very disappointi... » Continue Reading

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Streetlight Manifesto concert

Category: Music

recently i went to see Streetlight in concert and they were like insanely good, easily one of the best concerts i've been to. Tomas Kalnoky is like just a really great singer live and the band as a whole really does a great job keeping up constant energy. i would love to see them again but they honestly don't often come close to where i live, like the drive to get to where they were playing was 4 ... » Continue Reading

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