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Start pages

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

I'm making a custom start page for myself because I finally figured out how to do that, does anyone here have a custom start page? I could use some ideas lol » Continue Reading

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Just poppin in to ramble

Category: Blogging

I decided to check back in and while it looks like we have less anti-kin nonsense it looks like irls have picked up recently, which near as I can tell is just kin but for people who have bastardized the definition of kin so much they had to make a new term. A couple of things are funny about this term though, notably: 1) it's literally just remaking all the toxic parts about 2015 tumblrkin, right ... » Continue Reading

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Some PSA About Kin

Category: Life

From your resident "I have a special interest in this and am about to strangle someone" So I've seen this a couple times now and gonna just say it that saying kin is just relating to a character isn't okay. That changing of the definition came form people very explicitly against us because they thought that identifying as a fictional character was too weird and wanted to try to police who can be k... » Continue Reading

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